Looking for something to do on Valentine’s Day?

Why not spend part of your night making 28-30 bottles of your very own delicious wine? We can help!

Now, through February 14, 2015, Wines By Design will offer $20 off every kit you start.

Join us for an evening out (with your special someone) and we’ll reward you with $20, plus an evening of fun and enjoyment!

Need an idea for a gift?

Consider a Wines By Design gift certificate for wine-making. A gift that keeps on giving, we can help you to create your very own wine!

Want a night out with your special someone?

Extend your special night to another 4 nights! Make them “date nights”! Bring friends! In four steps, we can help you to choose and create your special wine, rack, filter and finally bottle wine which you create yourself. (And on the last night, make it extra special by bringing in snacks and staying a while…)

Want to make it last even LONGER?

WHAT? You’ve just made almost 30 bottles of wine! But, if you still want more, we’ve got that covered too… Once you are done with your wine, wondering what’s next? Check out this cute project you can do after you’ve finished your memorable wine.

Start saving those corks!

Project link (courtesy of The Corner Apartment)
Valentine's Day