We’re opening up our space

We’re excited to announce that we’re making our space available for your team building and small group events.

We’ve recently had the opportunity to host a couple of small groups and parties in our space, and they went over swimmingly. So much so that we are looking to host additional small groups and/or team-building events.

So far, we have hosted workshops, graduation parties, team-building events, and even a Bunco night!

This will be by reservation only, and we are planning on keeping this relatively small, as a result, we won’t be booking a large number of events.  We also understand that our space is limited, so we plan to keep the group size to 30 attendees or below.

Please note: While the pictures of food look great, we are offering a space only. This particularly beautiful (and delicious) spread was provided by Artfully Arranged.

If you are interested in hosting your small group or team event with us, please feel free to check in (by email or phone) and find out what dates are available.

While prices are subject to change, we will start at $50 per hour for the space.