A nice summer cocktail, made with Pink Moscato!

A mixture of Pink Moscato, Vanilla vodka and Strawberries, it’s great for your summer festivities!

Vanilla Strawberry Pink Moscato
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  1. -3 oz. Sutter Home Moscato
  2. -1 oz. Vanilla vodka
  3. -1 oz. Strawberry soda
  4. -Garnish with a strawberry
  1. Shake Moscato & vanilla vodka with ice.
  2. Pour into your favorite cocktail glass & top with strawberry soda.
  3. Garnish with a strawberry and enjoy!
  1. For a slightly less sweet version, use one the following instead of strawberry soda!
  2. -1: Strawberry lemonade
  3. -2: Strawberry liqueur
  4. -3: Regular lemonade
  5. -4: Club soda
Adapted from Sutter
Adapted from Sutter
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