We have encountered a number of folks inquiring about the Noble grapes:

– What is a Noble grape?
– Can I make Noble grape wines at Wines By Design (WBD)?

There are varying views on what makes up a Noble Grape. The purist’s view allows that there are only 6 Noble Grapes (as detailed on VinePair.com):

Primarily originating in France (with the exception of Riesling from Germany), they are probably the most prolific grapes. They all produce phenomenal wines and are able to grow all around the world (with varying degrees of success).

(dramatic pause)

Alternatively, there is another view point which expands that list of Noble grapes, up to 18! This “newer” view states that Noble grapes are “International Varieties” which are grape varieties that are planted in the most major wine producing regions and have wide spread appeal. Wine Folly has a great article about the 18 Noble Grapes. These include 9 Red and 9 White:

There’s a great graphic from the fine folks at Wine Folly that shows all 18 of the “New” Noble Grapes.

After reviewing the graphic, we can finally answer ONE of those questions, YES: You CAN make wine at WBD with all of the Noble Grapes!

(caveat: SOMETIMES it’s not a wine from a single grape though. They might be included in one of our blends… ex: Sémillon)


Original Source: The 18 Noble Grapes Wine Challenge