2023 Wine Tasting Competition Results

2023 Wine Tasting Competition Results

Another one in the books!

The WBD Wine Tasting Competition (2023) is complete!

We would like to start off by thanking everyone who contributed their wines to this year’s wine-tasting event. There was a great selection of wines this year and they were all delicious!

One of the best parts of this event (for us) is not the great wine, not the laughs, not the wonderful folks we get to meet, but it’s the fact that we don’t have to judge! Thanks to all of you who attended, it was YOUR job to judge!

We had three categories this year: Red, White, and Dessert/Fruit. As a quick reminder, each category wins a $50 gift certificate to WBD, with the winner with the highest number of votes receiving an additional $50 gift certificate. 

OK… we know why you’re REALLY here… you want to know the winners.  So, without further ado:


2023 WBD Wine Tasting winners ($50 gift certificates)

  • Red: Carm Allesandra – Carménère
  • White: Marianna Obrien – RQ Sauvignon Blanc (La Cueca)
  • Fruit/Sweet: Luke Bernier – Fortified Coffee Port


2023 WBD Wine Tasting overall winner ($50 gift certificate)

  • Overall: Marianna Obrien – RQ Sauvignon Blanc (La Cueca)


Congratulations to all!

We haven’t posted this before, but a number of you have asked for it, so here’s a list of this year’s entries!

2023 Wine Tasting Entries

Style Entry Name Wine
Red R1 Mark Pietrantoni Bordeaux
Red R2 Vickee Allesandra Toscana
Red R3 Gina & Pat Capozzi Primo Rosso
Red R4 Cathy Pestle Selection Amarone
Red R5 Kyle & Shaili Zess LE Pinot Noir Shiraz
Red R6 John Speckgoore (Kinesella) EP Malbec
Red R7 Bob Rejewski Eclipse Old Vine Zinfandel
Red R8 Jim & Kim Vangelder (Caliri) Passport Cab Shiraz Montepulciano
Red R9 Carm Allesandra Carménère
Red R10 Tif & Jay Chateau Du Pays
Red R11 Jim & Jill Kinsella PR Bordeaux
Red R12 Rick Kurtelawicz (Maher) Amarone
Red R13 Peter & Gloriella Burns Nero D' Avola
Red R14 Cittadino LE Cape Blend
Red R15 Mary Meng. (CE-2) Primo Rosso
Red R16 John & Jan Blodetts Vineco Nebbiolo
Red R17 Arcarese. (Maher Grp) Wine Makers Trio
Red R18 Rick Flanagan Amarone
Red R19 Bob Rejewski Eclipse Nocturnal
Red R20 Mark Pietrantoni Barbaresco
Red R21 Doug Caliri LE Nerello
Red R22 Tif & Jay Montepulciano
Red R23 Mark Maher Malbec
Red R24 Heather Bean Bordeaux
Red R25 Cittadino Amarone
Red R26 Steve Elensky LE Black Cab
White W1 Marianne O'Brien RQ Sauvignon Blanc (La Cueca)
White W2 WBD Dry Riesling
White W3 Lauren & Paul Lysiak Liebfraümilch
White W4 Natalie Gerber Sauvignon Blanc
White W5 Cece & Dan Crawford EP Pinot Noir Rosé
White W6 Tim & Diane Peter Cru Select Gewürztraminer
White W7 WBD RQ Semillion / Sauvignon Blanc
White W8 Carina Terry (CE-2) Traminer Riesling
White W9 Tiffany Burgen EP Chardonnay
White W10 WBD Bourbon Chardonnay
White W11 Terry Fisher EP Pinot Noir Rosé
Fruit/Dessert FD1 Steve Elensky Strawberry
Fruit/Dessert FD2 K & S Zess Pomegranate Zinfandel
Fruit/Dessert FD3 WBD TM Hurricane
Fruit/Dessert FD4 Steve Elensky White Pear
Fruit/Dessert FD5 Dave & Tammy Green Apple Riesling
Fruit/Dessert FD6 Bob Rejewski White Chocolate Port
Fruit/Dessert FD7 Cittadino Vanilla Bourbon
Fruit/Dessert FD8 Luke Bernier Fortified Coffee Port
Fruit/Dessert FD9 Dave & Tammy Fortified Black Forest
Fruit/Dessert FD10 Lysiak Fortified Vanilla Bourbon
Fruit/Dessert FD11 Rejewski Fortified Black Currant
Fruit/Dessert FD12 Elensky Fortified Vanilla Bourbon
Style Entry Wine

Recipe: Lasagna Bolognese

Recipe: Lasagna Bolognese

Even with a few clever shortcuts lasagna is a labor of love – but so worth the effort. So, take your time, pour a glass of wine, and enjoy the process as you make this beloved dish to share with family and friends. Goes great with LE22 Aglianico Barbera.

2023 Wine Tasting Competition

2023 Wine Tasting Competition

The WBD Wine Tasting Competition is returning!

The Wines By Design Wine Tasting event is making a comeback!

We had a great time at our (Fall) Wine Tasting event in September!

That said, we DID hear feedback that some people missed the event because it wasn’t in Spring as it traditionally has been. (Folks were busy, leaving town, etc.)

We heard you, we listened, and here we go!

You’ve worked hard perfecting your wines here at Wines By Design and once again, you have a chance to show it off. Enter your personally made (Wines By Design) wine.

Coming soon: (Saturday, April 15 from 12p – 4p to be exact)

The store will be closed for “normal” business, the day is devoted to the event!

You are allowed to submit up to 3 bottles per person for the 3 entry categories: Red, White, and Dessert/Fruit. Your wine will be moved into numbered bottles and you will be the judge in the blind tasting. The highest scored wines will be the winner in each category and the highest scoring of those will be named Best of Show. Best of Show wins a $100 gift certificate at WBD and the other two winners will each receive a $50 gift certificate to WBD.

To enter, turn in your bottles at the store before Friday, April 14 (contest closing time is 7p).

Note: This is limited to wine made in the Wines By Design store (from our kits). This does not include wine made from fresh juice.

For the day of the event: there will be a $5 fee for those not contributing a bottle of their finest vino. (Contest entrants are free!)

Special bonus: All attendees will receive an Owners discount of 15% off all wine kits during the event. (Is limited to current stock on hand and excludes the “Red Dot” sale rack wine kits.)

A quick recap (TL;DR):

  1. Drop off up to 3 bottles per person by Friday, April 14 at 7p.
  2. Join us for wine judging on April 15 beginning at 12p.
  3. See how your wines stack up against all the WBD competition!

WBD will provide palate-cleansing crackers, appetizers, snacks, and more!

Recipe: Gourmet Blue Burger

Recipe: Gourmet Blue Burger

A beefy, garlicky burger accented with rosemary and a tangy yet creamy blue cheese sauce; this is a match made in backyard barbecue heaven. Goes great with LE22 Malbec Bonarda Syrah.

Recipe: Smoked Salmon Pinwheels

Recipe: Smoked Salmon Pinwheels

Easy yet elegant, these savoury pastries are perfect for the fruity palate and balanced acidity of the LE22 Viognier Roussane Marsanne.

Recipe: Pecan & Parmesan Stuffed Mushrooms

Recipe: Pecan & Parmesan Stuffed Mushrooms

Mushrooms are trending as one of the most sustainable, plant-based protein sources available and are wonderfully satisfying in this vegetarian appetizer. The earthy, meaty flavours can be enjoyed even more with our silky LE22 Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot blend.