Recipe: Smoky Chorizo & Chicken Chili

Recipe: Smoky Chorizo & Chicken Chili

Unlike Mexican chorizo, Spanish chorizo is dry-cured and gives a mild, spicy-sweetness to flavourful chili that is also accented with smoky
paprika and chipotle pepper.

Would pair nicely with LE23 Tempranillo Shiraz.

Recipe: Shrimp Curry

Recipe: Shrimp Curry

This vibrant dish is part stir-fry, part soup and will wake up your weeknight dinner menu.

Would pair nicely with LE23 Semillon Sauvignon Blanc.

Recipe: Prosciutto & Olive Pizza

Recipe: Prosciutto & Olive Pizza

This flatbread pizza can be thrown together quickly for a simple supper to serve with mixed greens, or as a tasty nibbler to serve at any casual get-together.

Would pair nicely with LE23 Nebbiolo.

2024 Wine Tasting Competition Results

2024 Wine Tasting Competition Results

Well that was nice day!

The WBD Wine Tasting Competition (2024) is complete!

We would like to once again thank everyone who contributed their wines to this year’s wine-tasting event. There was a great selection of wines this year and (from what we hear, because as there wasn’t much left for us to try), they were great!

Thanks to everyone who attended: it was YOUR job to judge! We appreciate you not putting the pressure on us!

We had four categories this year: Red (1 & 2), White, and Dessert/Fruit. There were so many red wine entries that we split them into 2 groups. As a quick reminder, each category wins a $50 gift certificate to WBD, with the winner with the highest number of votes receiving an additional $50 gift certificate. 

OK… drum roll please… without further ado:


2024 WBD Wine Tasting winners ($50 gift certificates)

  • Red 1: Gary LaToy – WineMaker’s Trio Red
  • Red 2: (Mr.) Copek – Nebbiolo / Barolo
  • White: Steve Elensky – RQ Muscat
  • Fruit/Sweet: Jasmine Smith – Pomegranate Zinfandel


2024 WBD Wine Tasting overall winner (an additional $50 gift certificate)

  • Overall: Steve Elensky – RQ Muscat


Congratulations to all!

Some of you had asked, so here’s a list of this year’s entries!

2024 Wine tasting entries