Home Wine Cellar

We’d like to continue bringing you new ideas about wine making. This time we’d like to chat about home vintning.

We know that there are a lot of home vintners out there, so this time we’d like to share a little bit about “one or two” of you. We’ve had a couple of home vintners (who wish to remain anonymous) graciously consent to share their setup. A husband and wife team, they’ve designed (and built) it themselves.

First, a glimpse into their (still fairly new) wine cellar.

They shared a little about it:


A peek into the wine cellar


Our vintner friend said it best: “The pictures really don’t do justice in showing the room off”, but we think that it still looks AMAZING!

Work area

A work station


This is a “pic is of the work bench we made for our wine production. The bench is very simple, made out of 2 x 4ā€™s with a medium density fiber board top that has been painted and coated with acrylic.”

Left side

There’s two sides to every coin


“I’m sending 3 [pics] looking in so that you can see we have 3 walls completed covered and then the one in the middle is a double.”

Right side

See? We TOLD you there was two sides!


OK, it’s official, we have (wine) cellar envy! Can we just say: It’s an awesome home setup.


Interested in sharing your setup? Stop in, or drop us a note!

We’d love to share your wine cellar! (OK, maybe just some pictures, keep the wine for yourself…)