It’s here!  (Annnddd, it’s gone.)

The annual WBD Wine Tasting Competition has been postponed.

It’s with heavy hearts that we are announcing the postponement of our annual Wine Competition.

Due to the guidance of the CDC regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) and followed up by recommendations from NYS and Monroe county, we are postponing the annual Wine Tasting Competition that was scheduled for March 21, 2020.  We were certainly looking forward to it, but it’s much more important to be safe.


For those of you with entries already submitted, we promise that we will keep them safe. If you’d like it back, we will happily return it to you. 

All entries will be kept in our “wine cellar” for automatic entry into the Wine Tasting Competition once we know when it’s safe to be rescheduled

In addition, we have been informed by our area school systems that the Spring Continuing Education classes (“Wine Making Made Simple”) have been canceled.  (You will need to reach out to the school you registered with for additional information.)

We will continue to be open for “normal” business, but we will reserve the right to space people out as appropriate.  This MAY mean that you may have to postpone or delay bottling your wine.

Remember: We can do the middle steps for you.  Some of you have set up appointments to do the middle steps. If you are uncomfortable coming out, or would simply like to continue staying home, we are happy to do them for you. 

(Additionally: If you don’t show up at your scheduled time, we will go ahead and do it for you.)