The 2017 Wine Tasting Results are in!

Wine Tasting
But, before we share the results of our Wine Tasting event, just a quick: “Thank You”!

To those of you who contributed: Thanks for sharing your wine. They were all delicious!

To those of you who stopped by, tasted, and voted: Thanks for all of your “hard work”!

It was a pleasure to see all of you (and meet some of you). It’s always a fun time for us, we trust that it was for you as well.

Now, let’s get to the 2017 Wine Tasting Results:

We had enough entries to split to FOUR categories!: Red, White, Fruit, and Dessert Wines. The wine receiving the highest number of votes in each individual category will receive a $50 Wines By Design Gift Certificate.

Additionally, an Overall Winner (the winner with the greatest number of votes) will receive an additional $50 Gift Certificate.

Our 2017 Winners were:

RedRobert LauthMerlot
WhiteSteve ElenskyMoscato
FruitIrene BrennanPeach Chardonnay (Peach Perfection)
DessertFran SmithToasted Caramel
Overall winnerSteve ElenskyMoscato

Congratulations to this year’s winners!

We’re looking forward to next year’s event, so set one bottle of that “special wine” aside for your next chance to win!

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This year’s entries (because some of you asked):

RedR1Sterling Cabernet Sauvignon
R2Wine Makers Trio
R3Sterling Pinot Noir
R4Rosso Fortissimo
R5Cab Merlot
R6Winemaker's Trio
WhiteW1Showcase Gewurtz-Riesling
W3White Zin
W5Luna Bianca
W6Eclipse Chardonnay
W7En Primeur Viognier
FruitF1Peach Chard
F2Green Apple Chardonnay
F3Pineapple Pear
F4Black Cherry Merlot
F5Blackberry Merlot
F6Cranapple Celebration
DessertD1Toasted Caramel
D2Riesling Ice Wine
D3Toasted Caramel
D4Riesling Ice Wine
D5Toasted Caramel
D6Vidal Ice Wine